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Protecting you and your family and safeguarding your property is of high importance to any home owner. At Chubb, we understand this, not only to secure your home but to enable people to live at home for longer.

Being a victim of crime can cause emotional stress in addition to financial loss. The level of home security is a key factor in determining the likelihood of burglary victimisation. 6% of households with no or less than basic home security were victims of burglary in the previous 12 months compared with 1% of households with basic or enhanced security*. Burglary victims are often left with psychological and emotional scars as a result of these types of crimes. Investing in a home security system can provide homeowners with an added sense of security. As one of the industry leaders, Chubb understand what is required and offer innovative security solutions to keep you safe. Our monitored house alarm will help to deter unwanted visitors and includes police response.

This is all supported by our UK based monitoring centre, which provides a 24/7 service, so you know help is at hand when you need it Chubb offer an unrivalled expertise and proven track record in delivering solutions to the health sector. *source: Office of National Statistics

For added peace of mind, as you or your partner grows older or if you are concerned about an older family member, it is important to know that help is at hand if a situation arises.

Chubb provide a technology enabled care solution which is a vital link for older, disabled and vulnerable people. By combining an easy-to-use monitored solution tailored to suit your personal needs, for either short or long term care, it alerts care teams should you be in need of assistance in your home. This solution is tailored to those who have a fear of falling, dementia, hearing loss, blind or partial sighted or for all who just want peace of mind that if something happens, someone will be there to help.

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Chubb Delta, (marque commerciale de Delta Security Solutions), acteur majeur de la protection des biens et des personnes, est une entreprise du groupe Chubb Fire & Security. Quels que soient vos enjeux sécuritaires, nos équipes sont à votre disposition pour vous apporter de la sérénité au quotidien.

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Depuis 45 ans, Chubb Delta accompagne localement de nombreuses entreprises et particuliers en prenant en charge et en optimisant leur sécurité. 

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